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Boho Tree represents unique urban fashion accessories made of wood with a hint of vintage, which are produced from reclaimed or waste wood.


In a world that rushes past us, mercilessly gaining speed, we stopped. When the mind finally steadied and the eyes opened, reality was changed. Standing in a forest of which the immediate surroundings resembled a luminescent green garden, a realization abruptly shot through every fiber of our being.

We truly love Nature.

The Epiphany

We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. A forgotten truth so sublime and important it should be stated as an axiom. We are in every aspect interwoven with the planet we live on and therefore as IT affects us, so WE affect it. Thus it seems perfectly obvious we should be forever mindful of our deeds and actions throughout our journey.

With this epiphany the artist awoke. A vision, a keen sense for detail and a gift for craftsmanship would become the basis of the beautiful art form Boho Tree.

Boho Tree – An art form in and of itself

Make no mistake about it. Boho Tree is an art form in and of itself. While we pride ourself in being mindful towards nature, we also put our soul and being in the products we create. Just as every human being is unique, a star on its own path, so too is our jewelry. The uniqueness shines through not only because of the designs carefully created by hand but also through the different types of wood we use. Besides, every piece of wood is unique in its own right and if we care to listen, tells its own story.